Thursday, August 21, 2014

Endless Night: The Study (The Oriental Room)

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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 The Oriental Room (or The Study)

Description: This was once the Azimuth House Study, a quiet room for work and reading.  It was later transformed into something of a pleasure den.  The whole room is filled with a thin fog from Opium smoke.  In one corner (across from the chair), there’s a sling hanging from the ceiling, along a rack full of whips, restraints, and other S&M implements.  Next to the comfy chair is a hookah pipe.  There are corpses of the characters lying around it.  All dead, but with smiles on their faces.

Status: The door is closed, but unlocked.  There’s a strange-smelling fog rolling out from under the door.

Inhabitants: Octavius Creighton and 2 Succubi

Objective: Defeat Octavius and his Succubus girls.  Award 2 XP. 

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  Doctor Octavius Creighton returned from the Orient rich from the Opium Trade.  He also returned with a nasty addiction and a nastier collection of sexually transmitted diseases from frequenting the whorehouses too often.  However, when one pleasures the geishas at the House of the Blue Oni, your taint is not only permanent, but demonic.  Meow.”

Entering the room, all of the characters must make a DC 12 Fort Sv from the effects of the opium fog.  Failing the save, the character is disoriented and stunned until they make the save.  After making the save, the spell-using characters gain +1 to their Spellcheck, and everyone gains +1 to their Will Sv.

The girls, a pair of very attractive Succubi, will make their appearance out of the dark fog and present the good doctor.  Octavius looks reasonably normal, if bookish with his Coke bottle glasses, until he suddenly displays four tentacles coming out of his torso.  There’s no subtly to this, they just want to drain the life out of the characters.  The fog disappears after they are defeated (and the grandfather clock chimes), revealing the chain to bring down the ladder to the Observatory.

Octavius Creighton (Mutated Vampire Spawn)
HD 4 (d12), Hp 29, AC 15* (natural, Magic or silver to hit), Enhanced Init +4
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +5
Melee: Tentacle Slam x 4 +5 to hit 1d6+4 + Energy Drain, DC 18 Will Sv or 1d4 negative hp (only one energy drain per opponent, regardless of how many tentacles hit)
If two tentacles hit the same opponent in one rd, they are grappled.  DC 18 Str or Escape Artist check to get loose, otherwise automatic Energy Drain possibility.  Octavius will let go if successfully hit, or he kills the victim.

Succubus (Ariel and Belle)
HD 6, Hp 33, AC 16* (natural, Magic or silver to hit), Enhanced Init +3
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +7
Melee: Claw +6 to hit, 1d6+1 + Energy Drain DC 12 Will Sv or 1d4 negative hp + Stun 1 rd
Soul-Draining Kiss: Energy Drain used on victims unable to actively resist (tied up, stunned, etc).  DC 18 Will Sv or 1d10 negative hp + Stun 1 rd.  Both victim and Succubus are helpless during the act.       
Has ethereal wings and is capable of flight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Endless Night: The Abyss

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Abyss Room

Description: This room has been nearly completely destroyed by fire damage.  The walls, floor, and furniture are all ruined.  On one unburned patch of wall are crude fingerpaintings representing the characters.  There are bodies (also the characters) hanging up in the rafters 10’ above, dangling at the end of nooses.

Status: The door is closed, but unlocked.  The door and the doorknob are radiating noticeable heat.

Inhabitants: It’s just the characters and a bit of a warm spell.

Objective: Find the Good Luck Charm before everyone dies of the heat.  Award 1 XP to all of the characters.  The Charm allows every failed Saving Throw to be rerolled.  (Ironically, it obviously didn’t help the victim.)

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  The family doesn’t like to talk about what happened in this room.  Meow.”

Upon entering the room, all of the characters must make a DC 12 Fort Sv, failing which causes 1d6 burning damage.  Each rd, they must continue to save, but increase the DC by 1 every rd up to DC 18 and the damage by +1, up to +6.  The door will also be locked behind the characters.  Touching the knob immediately causes 1 hp of burn damage. 

A disembodied female voice will call out, wanting her good luck charm found.  It’s on one of the hanging bodies.  Determine which body has the charm.  First, the characters will have to figure out how to get them down.  It’s a small item, roll a DC 18 Find check to locate it.  (The character with the highest Find ability can roll with +1 for everyone with +1 Int or better helping.  Or, the characters can all search separately, making separate rolls.)  After the finding it, the grandfather clock chimes, the heat ceases, and the door opens.   

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Endless Night: The Nursery

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Nursery

Description: It’s a happy-looking room, brightly colored and filled with stuffed animals, wooden toys, a puppet theater, a doll house, and a troop of toy soldiers.  There’s also a small daybed and bathroom. 

Status: The door is closed, but not locked.  There characters can hear the sounds of the children playing inside, which ceases as soon as the door is opened.

Inhabitants: Just the toys, but they’re haunted.

Objective: Be clever in the Puppet Theater and defeat the toy soldiers in the Dollhouse.  The characters will all gain +1 to their Int or Wis Bonuses (only increase up to +4) along with +1 to their BAB (which will be small consolation for the humiliation).  Award 1 XP.

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  Here generations of Creightons played as children.  They left their toys behind.  Meow.”

Upon entering the room the characters have to make a DC 12 Will Sv.  Those failing it, get turned into toy soldiers in the Dollhouse.  Those making it, end up as puppets in the Puppet Theater.  Both encounters need to be defeated for the grandfather clock to chime and for the characters to be returned to normal.    

The Dollhouse 
Which by amazing coincidence, looks just like Azimuth House.  The characters appear in the Entrance.  The doors are open and they can see a troop of 10 Toy Soldiers bearing either crossbows and swords or muskets with bayonets (AC 10, Hp 1, BAB +5, damage 1).  The characters now, toy soldiers, have these stats: AC 10, Hp 1, their weapons are now either crossbow and sword or musket with bayonet (depending on the characters’ era), damage is 1 with one attack per rd.  They have no other gear, spells, or special abilities, though the other stats stay the same.  The players can pick whatever strategy they want to deal with them.  It’ll take them 2 rds to reach the doors, and they’ll be shooting all the way.

(Anyone trying to rules lawyer their way through this, and not in a clever way, should get special attention, like everyone shooting at them first.)

The goal is to take out the troop.  Any character killed out (or if this encounter is completed) gets knocked into the Puppet Theater, or if not available, is put into stasis 1 rd, then put back at the Dollhouse Entrance to continue fighting the Toy Soldiers. 

The Puppet Theater
Here’s how this works.  The characters are now hand puppets inside the puppet theater.  On either side of them appears Punch and Judy puppets.  One of the puppets will then say one of the lines below.  (Feel free to make up your own statements that might be more appropriate to your group, more or less following this format.) 

When the puppet says, “Blank,” cue The Match Game music.  The players are expected to fill in that blank with something amusing (to the Ref) within about 30 seconds.  If they fail up come up with anything or nothing funny.  Punch and Judy attack. 

 “Hey, Punch.  I’m taking a vacation in the Barrier Peaks.  Should I pack my Blank?”

“Hey, Judy.  The Keep on the Borderlands is hiring.  Should I apply as a Blank?”

“Hey, Punch.  I hear Tiamat’s a prostitute now.  With five heads, I wonder if she’ll Blank?”

“Hey, Judy.  I have a date with Acererak.  I wonder if ‘Tomb of Horrors’ refers to his Blank?” 

“Hey, Punch.  I changed my alignment.  I was Chaotic Evil, but now I’m Blank?”
(Okay, if the players can’t come up with something for this one or after five tries, just go ahead and fight it out.)

Punch and Judy have these stats: AC 11, Hp 5, BAB +5, Club damage 1.  The characters’ stats are AC 10, Hp 1, Club damage 1, and the rest as above.  Any character killed out (or if the encounter is completed) reappears in the Dollhouse, or if not available, is put into stasis 1 rd, then put back in the Theater to continue the torment.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Endless Night: The Voodoo Room

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Voodoo Room

Description: It’s a jungle in there, literally.  The characters are confronted with dense undergrowth right at the door.  They’ll have to hack their way through it.  Eventually, they’ll see a clearing and a ramshackle shack.  There are more zombie versions of themselves stumbling around outside.    

Status: The door is closed, but not locked.  Jungle noises can be heard inside.

Inhabitants: Zombie Wizard, Royale Creighton, and Zombie versions of the characters. 

Objective: Defeat Royale and the zombie characters.  The characters all gain 2 XP.  There are also 6 rejuvenation vials to be recovered.

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  Royale Creighton made his fortune in the tropics, harvesting cash crops on the backs of a multitude of slaves.  He thought them less than human, but was endlessly fascinated by their bizarre religious practices and fetish-driven magic.  He was only ever a novice at the practice, never entirely sure if his voodoo death rites would successfully raise him from the dead.  Now we know.  Meow.”

Zombies make for lousy guards.  The characters are free to plan whatever they want.  Anyone with the Stealth skill won’t even need to roll to get past them (DC 12 anyone else).  It is a one wooden room shack with an open window.  Again, with the Stealth skill, a character can peek inside and see Royale brewing up his rejuvenation serum and taking a swig of it.  The rest of the shack is filled with various fetish items.    

However the characters play it, any attack or blown Stealth check will bring Royale and the zombies to it.  Royale will generally seek to reduce the odds in the encounter with Fear and Hold Person, then hobble those left with Blindness.  Finally, he’ll strike with his cane and whip, reanimating zombies as needed.

If killed, but not completely destroyed (dismembered, decapitated, disemboweled, burned to cinders, whatever), Royale will make an immediate comeback and bring his zombies with him.  It should be a pretty good clue he’s not dead when the grandfather clock doesn’t chime immediately.  It will only do so when he’s finally finished. 

The only thing of value in the shack is the brewing pot of Rejuvenation Serum, which an Identify spell can show as useful.  There’s enough inside for 6 dosages (there’s even some mason jars inside as well).  If taken by the living, it restores all hp (including negative ones) and ends any other debilitating conditions (except for curses, like the Tarot card ones).  If taken by the dead (-1 or less hp), it turns them into a hostile zombie.  If the shack if damaged (like by fire), it may destroy the serum as well.  

Royale Creighton (Zombie Wizard)
HD 8 (d12), Hp 25, AC 15* (natural, Magic to hit)
Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +6
Melee: 2 attacks, Cane +9 to hit 2d8+4 and Whip +9 to hit DC 12 Ref Sv or knocked down
Reanimate Zombies: Automatically reanimates any dead (up to -10 hp damaged) zombie with 5 hp, however this will take up his action for the rd.
Reanimate Self: Until brought to -11 or less hp (completely destroying the body), Royale will come back to life in 1 rd with 10 hp.

Spellcheck +8 to cast, DC 16 Save Against, 3 Failures/encounter
He uses Voodoo dolls of the characters to cast his spells.
(DC 14 to cast)
Blindness: Makes subject magically blinded. Encounter. (Will Sv)
(DC 15 to cast)
Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 4 rds. (Will Sv)
Blink: You vanish (become ethereal) for 1 rd and then reappear.
(DC 16 to cast)
Fear: Subjects within 10' flee for 1 turn. (Will Sv)

HD 2+3, Hp 11 (5 if reanimated), AC 11 (natural), Always strike last in rd.        
Fort +0, Ref –1, Will +3
Melee: Slam +2 to hit 1d6+1

Friday, August 15, 2014

Endless Night: The Egyptian Room

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Egyptian Room

Description: There’s no pretext of a bedroom here.  The floor is fine sand.  The walls are plastered over in Egyptian-style frescos, which feature the characters worshipping Alexandra.  The mummified woman herself sits on a throne opposite the door.  There’s a shining golden staff mounted next to her.  Sarcophagi on either side of the room, open to reveal zombie mummy versions of the characters.

Status: The door to the room is closed, but not locked.  There’s sand outside of the door. 

Inhabitants: Alexandra Creighton the mummy and mummy zombies of the characters.

Objective: Defeat the mummies.  Acquire the Golden Staff.  Award the characters 2 XP. 

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  Alexandra Creighton was a dried up husk of a woman even before she stared digging up old tombs in the desert.  She returned triumphant in discoveries, academic accolades, and with crates full of precious artifacts.  Alexandra, a scientist, never believed in the pure poppycock of the curses attached to those artifacts.  An accidental fire left her covered head to toe in bandages before she finally expired, essentially mummified.  Meow.”

Alexandra and the mummies rise and attack without any preamble.  Her first attack is her Despair effect on everyone entering.  She’ll attack the helpless first as the zombies stand in the way of anyone not affected.  The grandfather clock chimes when she is eliminated.

One of the artifacts Alexandra recovered from a tomb is displayed prominently next to her throne.  It is a large glowing Golden Staff with a hook on one end.  It is a +3 magic weapon, 1d8+3, reach 5’, but it is heavy and requires +2 Str and two hands to use.  It also automatically provides illumination in darkness.

Alexandra Creighton (Lesser Mummy)
HD 8 (d12), Hp 55, AC 18* (natural, Magic or fire to hit)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +8
Melee: Slam +11 to hit 1d6+4 + Mummy Rot DC 18 Fort Sv or 1d6 hp loss/rd.  Any magical healing will stop the rotting effect immediately
Despair: At the mere sight of a mummy, the viewer must succeed on a DC 18 Will Sv or be paralyzed with fear for 1d4 rounds.  (Certain classes, such as Paladins and Occultists are immune.) 
Vulnerable: Fire causes x 2 damage and will stun her 1 rd on each hit

Mummified Zombies (equal in number to characters)
HD 2+3, Hp 11, AC 11 (natural), Always strike last in rd.    
Fort +0, Ref –1, Will +3
Melee: Slam +2 to hit 1d6+1 + Energy Drain DC 12 Will Sv or lose 1 negative hp
Vulnerable: Fire causes x 2 damage

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Endless Night: The Scandinavian Room

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Scandinavian Room

Description: The residence rooms on this level were all decorated and named to a theme.  The Scandinavian has a blue and white color scheme.  This bedroom is still recognizable as one.  There’s a canopied bed, dresser, and chair and table.  All of the rooms have their own bathroom and large closet.  Of course, this room is covered in frost and ice.  The floor is an ice sheet, but the bottom of which cannot be seen, like it is sitting on top of a lake.

Status: The door to the room is closed, but not locked.  The knob is cold to the touch.
Inhabitants: Freya Creighton and Corsican Ghoul versions of the characters

Objective: Eliminate Freya and the Ghouls.  Recover Freya’s blue diamond heart.  Award 2 XP.

Carter’s Introduction: “Meow.  Freya Creighton had not one accomplishment to her name, save that of parleying her harsh beauty into marriage with a wealthy husband.  It was he who dubbed her ‘The Ice Queen.”  Perhaps it was for her preference for inclement cold, but more likely it was in reference to her heart.  Meow.”

There are two immediate hazards inside for the characters.  The ambient cold inside requires a DC 12 Fort Sv, failing that drops the character to last in Initiative and a 0 on Fort Saves in the room.  The floor is covered in a slick ice sheet and requires a DC 12 Ref Sv or the character falls.  They’ll have to make the Save before they can stand back up.

With a flair for the dramatic, Freya steps out from the bathroom, singing a power ballad.  “Let it go!”

Or not.  Make up your own entrance if you want, see if I care. 

Underneath the ice sheet is a pack of Ghouls.  Of course they resemble characters.  They’ll break through the ice and attack in 1 rd.  But these are Corsican Ghouls.  Half of any damage inflicted on them is transferred to the character they resemble (any effect other than hp damage is ignored).

After Freya is eliminated, she shatters like an ice sculpture.  The grandfather clock chimes.  Freya’s sparkling blue diamond heart is visible in the rubble.  It causes 1 hp of frostbite damage if handled without protection.  It’s probably worth about 1,000 gp, but its larger value is as protection.  It will glow and pulsate in combat with supernaturals and provide immunity to energy draining (it will flash in that situation). 

Freya Creighton (Ice Ghost)
HD 8 (d12), Hp 48, AC 13* (natural, Magic to hit, any non-magical weapon that hits will shatter)     
Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +10
Melee: Chilling Touch +10 to hit 1d6+4 + Stunned 1 rd
Ranged: Ice Blast 12 freezing damage + Stun 1 rd + dropped to last in Initiative. (Ref Sv ½ damage) Medium range.
Vulnerability: Fire and heat does x2 damage
(Freya will open up with her Ice Blast before moving in with her Chilling Touch.)

Corsican Ghouls (number equal to characters)
HD 2 (d12), Hp 13, AC 14 (natural)
Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +5
Melee: Bite +2 to hit 1d6+1 + DC 12 Fort Sv or paralysis 1 turn

Special: Any damage inflicted on the Ghoul, reflects ½ damage on the character they resemble

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Endless Night: The Nanny's Room

A Fantasy Core Adventure
© Jerry Harris 2014
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The Nanny’s Room

Description: This is a simple, pleasant living room with a bed and desk.  There is also a bookcase full of items.

Status: The door is closed, but unlocked.  It is marked as, “Nanny’s Room.”

Inhabitants: None

Objective: Load up on gear.

Inside the characters can find these useful items: Burn lotion (2 applications, cures any hp burn damage, provides 2 rds of protection against additional fire damage), a heavy coat (resist all cold effects, but go to last in Init.), smelling salt (2 applications, immediately ends any stunned condition), healing potions (4 x 2d6 hp restored), baby powder (smells nice, can also produce a cloud of powder to reveal a hidden opponent).  If the players can think of any other items that might reasonably be present that they think they can use, let them have them.